Who we are


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Our Purpose

The Association concerns itself with the following matters pertaining to the Six Ponds area;

(A) Building Laws, Zoning Laws and Permits;
(B) Road Maintenance, road signs and traffic control;
(C) Health, Water, Safety and Sanitation;
(D) Fire Laws and Regulations;
(E) Matters and Activities affecting the comfort and quiet enjoyment of property and property rights;
(F) Collection and dissemination of information to all members concerning any matter affecting the Six Ponds area;
(G) Such group or community measures as may, from time to time, be for the benefit of the Six Ponds area; and
(H) Representation of the Association before any agency, board, body, authority or commission of the Commonwealth, or any town or county, when matters affecting the area are under consideration, said representation in no way to limit any appearance or action by any individual or Member of the Association.